Letter from President

Hello Everyone!

It’s the start of a new year for us at SNO! At the head of affairs, the leaders might be different, but the spirit that SNO embodies remains the same. We remain committed to the principle of Equity and continue to work towards Universal Health care construction through intercultural and multidisciplinary collaboration.

In the years I have been with SNO, I have seen us go from strength to strength, learning, innovating and improving every year. That has only been possible through the efforts of all our SNO members in various capacities at Local, Regional and International levels, who have dedicated themselves to seeing that SNO grows.

At the International level, we have launched a new website, ensured SNO exchange remains alive, expanded the iSTEP courses with more students joining from all over the world, introduced the Research course and now working on making it a yearly event for our teeming members, together with a research mentorship attached.

Our Regional Teams have worked hard to ensure we do not miss out on regional priorities as we work more locally with global goals. We have successfully helped in hosting the first ever Regional TUFH conference and look to make it an annual event, grew our local chapters and have given SNO a voice at the regions.

We have also had several successful National events that had international reach, from Columbia to India. Our National Teams are growing at a good pace with new chapters joining in most regions.

The past year has particularly been a year of growth and innovation, with the pandemic on a downward trend and stability returning to the world. The virtual space has become an indispensable resource, but has also been a challenge with “zoom fatigue” setting in. It has made us rethink how best to utilize this resource to maximize impact. It was also the first year we had a hybrid TUFH conference. It presents a new opportunity to attend the conference from miles away, making it much more accessible.

For the year to come, we will be focusing on growing our Regional teams even more, and creating avenues for exchange of ideas and collaboration between various Regional and National Teams. We will work to make memberships more accessible by making payments easier. We will focus on increasing Representation of SNO leaders both at Regional and at International levels.

I am forever grateful to the leaders that have come before me, who have grown SNO to what it is now, and from whom I have learnt what I know now about leadership. I stand on the shoulders of giants. It is a great honour to succeed them as the President of the Student Network (SNO).

Mustapha Aminu Tukur,
SNO President 2022/23.