About us

We are an autonomous body within The Network: Towards Unity For Health (TUFH).

The Network: Towards Unity For Health (TUFH), exists to achieve Universal Access and Equitable Health Systems by serving as the global connector (“The Network of Networks”) between the Leading Health Academic Institutions; Health Institutions/Associations; Community Health Institutions/Associations; and Individuals (Thought Leaders, Professionals and Students).

It has a Non-Governmental Organization Status and is in official relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The SNO/TUFH community is an interprofessional, multicultural, and global hub on social accountability. We are open to all institutions and individuals who have a passion for global equitable health.

Membership fees are adjusted for country income, as set by the World Bank. You can view the list here

If your country is classified as “Lower Middle” or “Upper Middle”, they are classified as Middle Income.

Since its revival SNO has established amongst others the GEMx-SNO Exchange, Student Publications in Education for Health, a Student Reviewing Team for Education for Health Journal, SNO Keynote Speakers, SNO Pre-Conference Days, Mentor-Mentee Session and SNO National Teams.


Students are the future and should be intimately involved in creating that future. They are key players within the TUFH Community. Their activity within the community provides a great intergenerational, multicultural base where both students and professionals can flourish and each person learns from another.