iSTEP 2024

The Network: Towards Unity for Health (TUFH), in collaboration with the VIVES University of Applied Sciences and Student Network Organization, is organizing the 2024 International Student Training & Exchange Program (iSTEP) with three simultaneous courses.

The 2024 iSTEP program will take place from October 2023 – May 2024.


  1. iSTEP – Innovative Cities and Health
  2. iSTEP – Communication: Talking with Partners, Patients, and Communities
  3. iSTEP – Social Determinants of Health

More information: 

Each course consists of an introduction, 6 modules, and a closing & feedback session.

Every module consists of a pre-reading, a pre-reflection to be posted on the platform TUFH.ORG*, an assignment (that will be graded) and, a 2-hour virtual meeting divided into:

  • 1-hour guest lecture, breakout exercises and the explanation for next assignment to be completed by each student and sent to the tutor for evaluation,
  • 1-hour small group discussions for tutors and students (about the previous exercise)

Each iSTEP course will have several groups where students from different countries and healthcare sectors are assigned to work together with one tutor.

Deadline to sign up: August 10th, 2023

We have a maximum of 30 participants, will be selected on first come, first serve basis.

*as the course is on the TUFH.ORG platform, it is a requirement to be a TUFH/SNO member to participate